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Encountering the Longing Self - Stories of Formation

Every other Wednesday:  February 15 and 29; March 7; May 16, 23 and 30


     If we had God’s vision we would see that life is constant change and that we ourselves are always in a process of being formed. We are given to experience God most intensely in our lives when we are conscious that God is bound up in our actual life experience.  Similarly, our life-in-formation is most evident to us when we are aware of the dynamism that is the root of our everyday reality.

     In this seminar we will consider several paradigmatic narratives of life-in-formation by persons honestly confronting emotions of love and loss, illness, family relationships, racial inequality and conditions of war.  The formative dynamic of longing, which is the unifying thread in these “stories,” will enable us to reflect on similar formation events in our own lives.


Presenters:  Romeo J. Bonsaint, SC and John D. Hamilton, CFX

Location:  Xavier Center, 21 Spring Street, Danvers, MA   Cost:  $115.00


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